Are you a pet person?
    If you are, you already know that pet owners spend huge sums of money on their pets every year.  Pets are part of our families and pet parents like finding special gifts and treats.  You can give them what they want and make a nice income in the process.  How?

You probably can find free recipes for dog biscuits and such, but if you're serious about making money as a baker of doggie treats, it might be worth spending a little money (less than $30) for a detailed step-by-step business system.  And that's just what I've found.

Chris Trombley and Doug Bertram have written an e-book they call "Turning Your Passion For Pets Into A Six-Figure Income".  

They explain exactly how to bake the treats that make the most money, how to advertise and/or market your creations, and they even give you tips on expanding your business when the time is right.  They include a bonus e-book with over 150 nutritious and healthy recipes pets will love.

Another bonus e-book addresses all-natural remedies for common pet health issues, such as bad breath and eczema.  This e-book alone is worth the price.

This time of year can be a big money maker!  People love to buy gifts for their pets at Christmas and homemade treats are very popular.  Pop the treats into a decorated bag or tie a ribbon around the package and watch your sales jump.  Get your recipes and get started now.

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